Sunday, 6 August 2017

Goodies and Food distribution with sglobangclub friends

"Goodies And Foods Distribution With Sg Lobang Club Friends
Date: 09/ September, 2017
Time: 9.30am to 12pm
Venue: Block 633 Senja Road, Singapore 670633

We will have a goodies and foods distribution with Sg Lobang Club Friends, on 09/September, 2017, Saturday, from 10am to 12pm (till finish distribute the items) Venue: Block 632A and 632B Senja Road, Singapore 672634 (one room flat for elderly and low income family) .

You need to deliver the items yourself by 9.30am, gather at Multipurpose hall at Block 633 Senja Road, Singaproe 670633. Volunteers who can help to distribute the items please report by 9.30am. Will need your help to pack, distribute the items door by door.

Disclaimer: This is an initiative activity by few friends who love to help more people (Sg Lobang Club Friends), not from any organisation or company.  We will not collect cash for this events. You can be a volunteer only or both donor and volunteer. Whatsapp BoBo at 9457 4732 if any queries.

(PS: We are lucky that Fei Yue Senja is helping us for the arrangement to inform their members at the particular blocks, and help us for the arrangement of the multipurpose hall usage.

Kingly Fill up this form if you are joining us as a volunteer or you are giving food or goodies. Thanks a lot for your kindness.

Items requested
Biscuits x 120 packets
Instant Noodles x 120 packets
Rice 2.5kg x 120 packets
Milo 3 in 1 x 120 packets
Coffee mix 3 in 1 x 120 packets
Canned Sardin x 120 pcs
Canned Red Bean x 120 pcs
Apples x 240 pcs
Orange x 240 pcs
Tiger Balm x 120 pcs
Plaster x 120 packets
Toothpaste x 120 pcs
Toothbrush x 120 pcs
Recycle bags x 120 pcs (or big and thick plastic bag, must enough to put the all items. can give more pcs if you can.



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